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OVCR Search Features and tips

The OVCR website offers a general search engine as well as several specialized search tools. This page provides:

  • Tips and commands for utilizing OVCR search tools
  • A list and description of OVCR search tools
  • A list of other WUSTL search tools

OVCR Search Tips and Commands

The following tips will help you retrieve the most relevant search results when using OVCR search tools. This information applies to the functionality of the free text search field.

Search tips:

  • Use complete words: ​Search does not return results for partial words (typing "bio" will NOT return results on "biology", "microbiology", etc.)
  • Use fewer words: OVCR search features locate matches for all of the words entered in your search query.
  • Search is NOT case sensitive

Commands to help you hone your search results:

x + y

return​​s only pages with x AND y

x - y

returns only pages that con​tain x but do not contain y

x and y 

ret​urns only pages with the exact phrase in quotes

OVCR Search Tools

OVCR Search Engine  
The OVCR search engine scans WUSTL websites related to research administration, management, and compliance. OVCR search is available in the upper right corner of any page within the OVCR site.



OTM Technology Search
The OTM Technology search engine scans records for WUSTL OTM Technologies available for licensing. This search feature also offers the option to view all technologies.

WUSTL Search Tools

WUSTL Search Engine
The WUSTL search engine searches ALL WUSTL websites.

To make a comment or suggestion, report a problem, or request that a WUSTL domain or domains be added to the OVCR search engine, please contact ovcrinfo@wustl.edu.​​​