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WU/Pfizer Centers for Therapeutic Innovation - Informational Webinar
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Registration: See link at the bottom for webinar login info

We are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the newly formed Pfizer CTI partnership with Washington University. Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, or CTI, is a unique program that collaborates with leading academic medical centers, the NIH, and foundations to speed the translation of novel targets to the clinic.  As part of the agreement, Washington University researchers will be able to apply for funding to support specific research projects. If a project is selected, School of Medicine investigators would have access to Pfizer’s resources, scientific equipment, and opportunities to collaborate with Pfizer scientists, who have extensive expertise in drug development. Representatives from Pfizer CTI recently visited Washington University to become acquainted with the breadth and depth of the research here.

There will be two calls for proposals annually, with April 2017 the first this year.  Specific criteria to this call for proposals include the following:  

  • The therapeutic interests of this round include oncology, inflammation and immune disorders, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neuroscience and rare monogenetic disorders.
  • The anticipated clinical modality should be large molecule bio-therapeutics (antibodies, proteins, peptides, ADCs, fusions)

Please see the CTI flier for more information on the program and the Pre-Proposal Template for details about the pre-proposal.

Application Process

  1. A non-confidential 2-3 page Pre-proposal is submitted by April 17th, 8am to internalselections@wustl.edu. This preproposal will be reviewed by the Office of Technology Management to protect your intellectual property and ensure there are no accidental enabling disclosures.
  2. Following a review period of approximately 10 weeks, Pfizer CTI will invite some investigators to submit a full proposal. At this stage investigators will also a paired with a Pfizer co-PI.
  3. After a second review period of approximately 10 weeks, a final decision will be reached regarding which projects Pfizer CTI will partner on.

Pre-proposal help

A Washington University committee is in place to help our investigators navigate this new funding opportunity and increase their likelihood of success. We encourage you to reach out to the committee members to discuss your pre-proposal before submitting.

This committee is made up of:

Karen Seibert  karenseibert@wustl.edu

Thad Stappenbeck stappenb@wustl.edu

Michael Kinch  michael.kinch@wustl.edu

Nichole Mercier  nmercier@wustl.edu

Pat Gregory  patgregory@wustl.edu

An informational Webinar will also be held by Pfizer CTI on March 21st at 2pm to allow applicants to ask questions. Click here for login information. (IE users, is prompted to enter your credentials, click cancel and the Word document will open.)

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