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HRPO: Login Changes to myIRB

Posted Date: 3/23/2015 1:33 PM

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Subject: HRPO: Login Changes to myIRB

WHAT is happening?
The Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) is implementing a new ID Management System which will include a new login process for the myIRB system.

Stage 1 of this change will be implemented on Saturday, 3/28/15 beginning at 6 PM.

WHAT will be different?
The transition to the new ID Management System will be rolled out to users in 3 stages:

Stage 1     Rollout on 3/28/2015
Stage 2     Rollout date to be determined (April/May 2015)
Stage 3     Rollout date to be determined (Summer 2015)

Stage 1:
Users will notice the following changes in this stage of the transition:

1. Additional options for accessing the myIRB system

    a. Continue to access myIRB through the Research Gateway (http://research.wustl.edu/Pages/ResearchGateway.aspx)
    b. Access directly from the HRPO website (http://hrpo.wustl.edu/) and click on the “myIRB” link in the top menu system
    c. Access directly at https://myirb.wusm.wustl.edu/

2. A new login screen where you will log in using your current WUSTL key. After logging in with your WUSTL key, you may be prompted to review and update your myIRB profile by selecting a “preferred” profile. Once the profile has been updated, you’ll be taken to your inbox.

3. For current users who have logins both as a WU student and employee, you will no longer have to choose between these roles at login. All of your information will now be combined into one myIRB Inbox. Additionally, your name will only appear once in all dropdowns within the myIRB system.

Additional information regarding Stage 2 and Stage 3 will be provided prior to those rollouts.

WHY is this being done?
The HRPO and IRBs provide services for many researchers including WUSTL employees and students, BJH and SLCH employees and in some cases, individuals who are not affiliated with WUSTL, BJH, or SLCH. As we continue to expand our services we need an ID Management System that supports secure, controlled access to our researchers while preventing access to those who are not within our oversight scope. In addition, this system needs to allow individuals with more than one ID (such as an employee who is also a student) to seamlessly access the system under any of their ID roles. Our new ID Management System will greatly improve our management of these multiple ID systems, create a more controlled access environment, and support future growth opportunities.

WHOM should I contact with questions or concerns?
Call HRPO at 314.747.6800 and request to speak with a member of the myIRB Project Team.


This information was authored by Carla Pinkston  

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