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NEW SPA Travel Guidance

Posted Date: 9/16/2015 1:13 PM

Content Categories: Policies-Guidelines-Procedures\SPA

Subject: NEW SPA Travel Guidance on the SPA website

Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) has created new SPA Travel Guidance documents which can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of the SPA website, www.spa.wustl.edu.  As discussed at a previous Research Administrator Forum, there are some special issues that are unique to travel on sponsored funds which are not outlined in the Washington University Travel Policy.  These documents have been created to help clarify and provide a source of guidance for some of the most common issues specific to SPA funds.  They are as follows:

·         Guidance for Travel on Sponsored Funds – This is a new document that provides guidance for travel on sponsored fund

·         Open Skies Guidance – This is a new document that provides guidance on the 4 Open Skies Agreements

·         Fly America FAQ – This document has been updated to reference the new Open Skies Guidance document

·         Fly America – Open Skies Matrix – This is a new document containing a matrix to help determine when Fly America or Open Skies apply

Please review these documents and share with the applicable individuals within your department/division/unit.

For additional information or question please contact:

Krystina Gross, Manager - SPA

314-935-5793 or kgross@wustl.edu

This information was authored by Krystina Gross  

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