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VCR Announcement NEW Internal Selections Website

Posted Date: 12/3/2015 10:26 AM

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Subject: OVCR: New Internal Selections Process and Website

New Internal Selections Process and Website
Dear Colleagues,
The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) is pleased to announce a new website that supports process improvements for our “internal competitions/limited competitions” that have been occurring over the past few years.  This is the process for selection of candidates from Washington University when an external funding or awarding agency limits the number of nominees from an institution. The primary aims of the process improvement are:
·         Create clarity, consistency, transparency and trust in the process
·         Improve the success rate of Washington University candidates

The site outlines the critical elements of the internal selection process: effective communication of opportunities and eligibility criteria, formation of appropriate selection committees, streamlined internal application procedures, time sensitive candidate selection, and mentorship of selected candidates.
All committees and key coordinating representatives are convened by the Vice Chancellor for Research to review internal candidates and select nominees. The OVCR internal selection process is a partnership with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations.
The largest committee is the New Investigator Awards Review Committee, which has already demonstrated improved outcomes resulting from enhanced processes and dedication to the principles of new investigator mentorship.
To recognize these achievements and the progress we have made in improving the selection processes, we have renamed the approach at Washington University from “limited” or “internal competitions” to Internal Selections.  Applicants will notice that the email address for inquiries and submission is now internalselections@wustl.edu as well.
The OVCR is committed to a fair and transparent Internal Selections process and a thoughtful and effective candidate mentoring program. We hope you will find the information on the new website useful. 
I welcome any questions or suggestions for further improvements.  Please send your comments to me through Catherine Determan at determanc@wustl.edu.
Best wishes,
Jennifer Lodge
Vice Chancellor for Research

This information was authored by Catherine Determan  

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