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The Joint Research Office of Contracts (JROC) at Washington University in St. Louis supports faculty engaged in research university-wide, through a strategic partnership formed by The Office of Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR), its Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS), and the School of Medicine's Center for Clinical Studies (CCS). 

JROC Organizational Chart​​​​​​

JROC is located at 4240 Duncan in the Cortex Area, just east of the School of Medicine campus.
Mailing Address Physical Address
Campus Box 1054
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, Mo., 63130


 ​Suite 300 

4240 Duncan Avenue
St. Louis, Mo., 63110 


​​General Inbox
OSRS Contracts

Melanie Roewe Assistant Vice Chancellor for the Joint Research Office of Contracts 314.747.5390 roewem@wustl.edu
​Neil Black ​Contract Specialist ​314.747.5392 blackn@wustl.edu
Brenda Chiu
​Administrative Coordinator
​314.747.5296 ​bchiu@wustl.edu
​Brant Feltner ​Contract Specialist ​314.747.5391
​CeCe Ging
​Contract Specialist 314.747.5295 cgging@wustl.edu
​​​Matthew Grossmann ​​Contract Specialist ​​314.747.5389 ​​grossmannm@wustl.edu
Meryl Kossmeyer Contract Specialist ​314.747.5394 makossmeyer@wustl.edu
Terry Krupp
Senior Contract Specialist ​314.747.5387 kruppt@wustl.edu
Chris Luzecky Contract Specialist 314.747.6157 luzeckyc@wustl.edu
​Courtney Maue ​Contracts Assistant ​314.747.5393 cmaue@wustl.edu
​Nicole Minor
314.273.0714 minorn@wustl.edu
Colin Odell​ Industry Contract Manager 314.747.5309​
Mindi Rodden​
Contract Specialist 314.747.5298​ mrodden@wustl.edu
​Melissa Schonlau Contract Specialist 314.747.5297 mschonlau@wustl.edu
​Gretchen Vaughn ​Manager, Clinical Trial Agreements
​314.747.5293 grvaughn@wustl.edu
Megan White ​Manager, Industry & Federal Contracts ​314.747.5292 mmwhite@wustl.edu


Subaward User Business System (SUBS) 

For assistance with outgoing subawards, please email Molly Gaschler or call 314.747.5294.​ ​​​​​​

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