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Project Closeout

Washington University’s pre-award office, the Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS), and along with its post-award office, Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA), offer assistance with project close-out issues. Closing out a project involves several tasks, including no-cost extension requests and final report submissions.  

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Office of Technology Management (OTM)
Intellectual property/patent reports let a sponsor know what new patentable ideas may have resulted from the science and activities performed using their funding in whole or in part. It is important for an inventor to promptly disclose to OTM as soon as they know if a new patentable idea arises during a research study and to work with OTM to protect the intellectual property before sending a public report with enabling information regarding findings.

Sample Grant Closeout Checklist
Sample form that outlines project closeout steps.

Sponsored Projects Accounting

SPA serves as financial intermediaries between sponsoring agencies and Washington University Principal Investigators. SPA provides institutional signature for sponsored financial reports and is the primary source for interpretation of Federal regulations and University and sponsoring agency policies and procedures governing incurring, reimbursing, and reporting costs under sponsored-research agreements.​​​​​​​​​