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Proposal Submission

Washington University’s pre-award office reviews proposals according to the sponsor’s specific guidelines prior to submission. The Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS) provides institutional signature.* In addition, these offices are responsible for monitoring compliance with federal regulations and University and sponsoring agency policies and procedures regarding the management of non-financial aspects of sponsored programs.  

* Please note that researchers are not authorized to sign or accept awards on behalf of the University.

With robust search capabilities, ONE aggregates key services and applications across the WashU landscape into one web portal, presenting information as tasks with direct links to the desired functionality

Grants.gov Application Packet File Transfers
Due to inbox size limitations, email may not be the best mechanism for transferring a PureEdge or an Adobe Forms application package to the respective pre-award office. Moving a file from a departmental desktop computer to a central office via FTP (file transfer protocol) is available by clicking on the appropriate link below:
Application Packet Transfer to Danforth Campus Research Office
Application Pac​ket Transfer to WUSM Grants & Contracts Office

PDS Log-in vi​a ONE
Originally known as the Grants Budgeting (or G-Bud) System, the Proposal Development System (PDS) guides administrators in developing a sound and compliant budget. The system is intended to be flexible and comprehensive, yet streamlined. PDS has the capability to calculate cost sharing, a change in fiscal years, primary/joint appointments, and appropriate facilities and administrative (F&A) rates, and to submit electronically, system-to-system (S2S), via Grants.gov. Use of the PDS System is a required part of the University proposal review process. Departments and schools may structure the routing of budgets according to department, school, and University policies.