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RMS Modules

The University has purchased multiple modules from infoEd Global to establish the new WU Research Management System (RMS). These modules will replace several of the University's older in-house developed research administration systems over a 3 year period which concludes in summer 2018. These new online modules include:

COI Module

The Conflict of Interest (COI) module launched on Monday, February 27, and is available via rms.wustl.edu. The COI Module provides faculty and staff with a single disclosure tool to collect data that is then be used by all 4 of the WU programs that evaluate conflicts of interest. Coordinated reviews and communications, easier updates, and reduced data entry create a more positive user experience. Read More​

PAAM Module

The RMS Pre-Award / Award Management (PAAM) modules will provide an integrated pre-award and award management system, allowing faculty and staff to manage all aspects of proposal preparation, submission, and award set-up in a single environment. The PAAM modules will replace WU's Proposal Development System (PDS) and Subaward User Business System (SUBS), and will provide an award management tool which WU does not currently have. Read More​

SPIN Module

Launched in conjunction with the RMS COI module, the SPIN module is a database of over 40,000 funding opportunities from government and public sources, and private foundations. In addition to active searching, SPIN provides automated opportunity notifications matching designated criteria.​ Read More​