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Who's Involved
The PAAMCO Project Organizati​onal Chart displays the leadership, extended project team, core team, subject matter experts and stakeholder groups.​​ cli​ck to enlarge​​
The PAAMCO Project will have a significant impact on the ways Washington University faculty and staff work in research administration systems. The input of these key stakeholders (central, school and department) is critical to the project success and we have identified a number of ways in which our community can participate in vendor selection, product testing, implementation, and education and training programs. In addition to the Organizational Chart (at right), provided below are links to other Project Organization documents to inform you of currently engaged individuals and responsibilities for participation.

Project Spons​ors
Jennifer Lodge, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research
Amy Kweskin, Vice Chancellor for Finance (as of 1/1/16)
John Gohsman, Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer

Steering Committee Members​​
Includes broad representation from central units and schools, and faculty and staff. The Steering Committee members and the Sponsors meet monthly.

Team Members, Stakeholders and Advisory Groups​
Comprehensive list of currently engaged individuals

Subject Matter Experts (SME) / Stakeholder Pool (Faculty Pool​ and Administrator Pool​)
Names provided (to date) by schools and departments of research administrator subject matter experts and faculty stakeholders who will be available to participate sometime over the 3 year PAAMCO project period. With such a pool of people, we will be able to get broad representation and varied expertise. Participation will vary from focus group participation, reviewing current workflows, helping develop new workflows, performing system testing during implementation, and a variety of other aspects as needed.

Vendor / Product Evaluation Team​​
Individuals with a broad range of expertise participating in the on-site vendor demos and evaluation and selection processes.

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Team Members / Participants​​
Defines the function and assigned duties that each project team member is expected to perform to complete the assigned project activities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​