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Animal Procurement Transitioning to LAMPS

Published April 30, 2021

Animal procurement is transitioning from Marketplace to the Lab Animal Management and Protocol System (LAMPS) due to the implementation of the university’s new HR and Finance system, Workday. The university is taking this opportunity to release the eAnimal Ordering module in LAMPS. The new module will be available in July 2021.

Guidance on this transition will be sent to personnel on animal use protocols and business unit leaders. The LAMPS Project Website​ will be updated with training information and FAQs as the project progresses.

Lab Staff Responsible for Placing Animal Orders
eAnimal Ordering will be available to all approved personnel on an animal use protocol. Only personnel with edit access to the protocol can submit a requisition (animal order). Lab staff are strongly encouraged to be responsible for submitting animal requisitions in LAMPS. Adding administrative staff to protocols requires special approval and is not recommended. Administrative or accounting staff may continue to review and approve the expense in Workday and do not require access to LAMPS to perform this step.

PIs were emailed specific steps to evaluate current animal ordering processes and make necessary changes before July.

Workday Integration
The integration between LAMPS and Workday is being finalized. Details associated with data sent from LAMPS to Workday with accounting details will be communicated to business unit leaders in each department.

Visit the LAMPS Project Website or complete the LAMPS Project contact form​.​