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eProtocol is Now Live

Published 7/29/2019

The eProtocol module of LAMPS is live! With any new system, there will be a stabilization period as we settle in and get used to the new system. We are committed to easing the transition as much as possible. If you need assistance, please call the IACUC Office at 314-362-3229.

Login to the system and view all resources including the LAMPS User Manual at Before logging in for the first time, you must enable pop-ups for LAMPS. See this quick guide or call the IT Help Desk at 314-935-5707.

Resources & Training

  • Training materials are available on including a user manual and resources for translating your protocol.
  • In-person training opportunities are available for registration. See the LAMPS Section of the Research Education Calendar for details.
  • Within the protocol, there is help text in the top right of each page with guidance and sample answers.

Your converted record (migrated eSirius protocol)

  • Your protocol number and expiration dates have not changed.
  • Limited data was migrated from eSirius directly into the LAMPS protocol. A full PDF copy of the eSirius protocol can be found on the Attachments page. You can continue all approved work with a converted record.
  • All non-PI personnel are listed on the protocol with view only access. The PI must start an amendment to grant an individual edit access. See this quick guide for steps.
  • Converted records must be translated to submit amendments* or renewals.
    • *The following amendments do not require translation: Personnel changes or additions of use locations, euthanasia methods, and funding sources.
    • The IACUC Office is offering assistance with translation at no cost. Email with your protocol number if interested.

What’s different?

  • Login to LAMPS with your WUSTL Key. Everyone with a standard WUSTL Key automatically has access to LAMPS.
  • Only HR-designated emails are available in the system. Contact IACUC to discuss your options in setting up email forwarding to have protocol notifications sent to an alternative email address.
  • Personnel changes and funding additions must be submitted as amendments in LAMPS. These amendments are generally approved by the IACUC Office in 1-2 business days.
  • No more Schedule A or Signature page! These items have been streamlined and incorporated into the system.
  • Common procedures have been entered in the system with the details pre-filled. These procedures can be modified if necessary.
  • Check the status of a protocol directly within LAMPS.
  • Approval letters are available within the system; they are no longer emailed.
    • Converted Records do not have approval letters available until the protocol is translated. See the Approval Letters Section of for more details.


How do I start an amendment?

See the Start an Amendment section of the LAMPS User Manual for guidance.

Amendments are now necessary for granting non-PI personnel edit access to the converted record, editing the personnel on the protocol, and adding funding.

Other amendments may require a protocol to be translated. See the Data Migration & Translation page for more information.

What do I do if I have an amendment that requires translation but I can’t get my protocol translated in time?

Contact the IACUC Office at 314-362-3229 or

How do I give someone access to edit my protocol?

The PI must start an amendment to grant editing access to a protocol. See this quick guide or the Personnel Information section of the LAMPS User Manual.

Does this affect animal ordering or billing?

No. The eProtocol module of LAMPS does not change the animal ordering or billing process.

How can I view my animal balances?

Email DCM Procurement to check your available balances.

Do I have to do anything with my converted record in LAMPS?

If you do not need to change personnel access or request changes to your approved protocol, you do not have to do anything at this time. You can continue all approved work according to your converted record’s PDF attachment of the eSirius protocol.

If you do not need to submit an amendment or renew your protocol, translation is not required. However, the IACUC Office’s goal is to have all protocols translated within one year.


For protocol-related questions, contact IACUC at 314-362-3229 or

For technical issues (WUSTL Keys, pop-ups, etc.) contact the Help Desk at 314-935-5707.