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SPA: Follow-up Message Regarding Furloughed Employees

Published June 26, 2020

As a follow-up to the announcement sent by Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) on Wednesday, June 24th, regarding fringes for furloughed employees, the message below was sent by Human Resources to the Payroll Users Group on Thursday, June 25th:

Dear Payroll Users Group Members,

We have discovered fringes for employees on furlough are not being paid from the account salary is normally sourced from. If a person is getting paid, fringes are paid from the accounts the person is being paid from. However, if the person is on unpaid leave, the department is still charged and responsible for fringes. Since there are no wages, another account has to be used. This would be either the default account, the department plain account or a substitute fringe account has to be set up. If a department does not have a substitute account, the charges will hit the default account.

PCTs need to be processed to clear the charges that hit the default or plain account. Below are the queries you can use to research fringe only charges to the default or plain account:


To stop the fringe costs from hitting the default or plain fund a substitute account must be set up. Follow these steps in HRMS to set this up: Main Menu > Job & Compensation > Substitute Fringe/Tax Acct.

  • You will enter the employee id number and account code to update
  • Click add
  • Update effective date and status to A
  • Click Save

PCT’s should be emailed to for processing by July 2, 2020. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused departments and the extra work. For any questions about PCT’s please contact your payroll services representative.