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RMS Transition Dates and Post Go-live Internal Target Dates

Published on April 16, 2018

WashU will go-live on May 7, 2018, with the Research Management System’s (RMS) Proposal Development (PD) & Proposal Tracking (PT) modules. Below is information regarding the transition and post go-live periods.

  • On 5/4/18 • Friday 4:00 p.m., the Proposal Development System (PDS) will become unavailable.
  • On 5/7/18 • Monday 7:00 a.m., RMS will be available for proposal development, routing and submission. PDS will be available for inquiry-only access for ~12 months.

To help create a smooth transition from PDS to RMS please take the following actions:

  • Inform your faculty that you will be working in a new system which will be less familiar to everyone, and that proposals will require more time to develop, route, and submit.
  • Work with your faculty to have proposals ready well in advance of their external deadlines.
  • Work toward these target dates, prior to the external deadline, for launching PD Records to OSRS
    • At least 10 days prior, launch PD Records for “Partial Review”
    • At least 5 days prior, launch PD Records for “Full Review”
    • At least 2 days prior, launch, PD Records for “Final Review”

Department Administrators are encouraged to access the following RMS training resources as soon as possible.

User Guide
The RMS User Guide walks you through creating and tracking a proposal document. It includes screenshots, step-by-step guidance, and helpful tips for working in RMS. This will be an important reference tool as you learn about the system and create your own proposals. The User Guide provides a sequence of steps that are critical in developing an accurate budget.

This User Guide will continue to be updated throughout the transition to RMS and thereafter. Please continue to access the document using the link to ensure you are getting the most current version.

Online Training in Learn@Work
RMS online training in Learn@Work currently consists of two videos: Navigation and Portal Configuration*, and 7 Steps and Setup Questions*.
*These two videos and exercise assignments must be completed prior to attending in-person classes.

In-Person Training (Pre-requisites to attend classes = 2 videos/system exercises)
There are two instructor-led courses available; RMS 101: Budget & Routing, and RMS 102: Advanced Submissions & Proposal Tracking. The current schedule can be found in the RMS section of the Research Education Calendar.

Visit the 4/11/18 “Managing Proposals in April and May” Research News, and The PAAMCO Project Website for additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact Teri Medley at 314.747.4444 or​​​​