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RMS Upgrade – System Downtime & Notable Changes

Published December 5, 2022

As previously announced, the Research Management System (RMS) upgrade will begin on Monday, December 19, 2022. This is a weekday and RMS be offline for the entire day. 

RMS will not be accessible beginning at 6 a.m. on Monday, ​December 19, 2022. All RMS activity required for applications due between December 16-19 must be completed by 4 p.m. on December 16. RMS will be accessible on December 17-18, but proposals will not be able to be submitted, and OSRS will not be reviewing and routing RMS records on these days.

On December 20, you should be able to access the upgraded version of RMS.

Important information about S2S submissions that are due December 16-19

  • These must be submitted to the agency and error free before 4 p.m. on December 16.
  • Proposals not submitted and/or error free will not be able to be submitted until Tuesday, December 20, at which time the agency would consider them late.
  • Please route for Partial and Full reviews before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, December 13.
  • Please route for Final review before 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 15.

Upgrade Notable Changes

  • Home Page – Search For Items and Sponsored Projects -> Locate PD/PT Record(s)
    • Search criteria will also include non-key personnel.
  • WU Setup Questions Tab
    • For any required fields that are not answered, users will have ability to track this on a side menu called “Dock”.
  • SF424 (R&R)
    • Budget totals in box 15 of the SF424 will match the NIH Grant Image.
  • Personnel Tab
    • eRA Commons validations for key personnel will validate within the tab.
  • Budget Tab – Budget Header
    • PD/PI’s name/department will remain on Budget Header when PD/PI is also a subproject PD/PI.
  • Budget Tab – Personnel Detail
    • Fringe amounts in budget detail will match the “Show Fringe Calculations.”
    • Fringe amounts will no longer double when cost sharing is applied and saved.
    • Effort and Person Months will match in the budget detail.
  • S2S Tabs
    • PDF attachment uploads will be enhanced to prevent PDF/Adobe validation errors. This includes using a new version of the documents called “Transformed”.
  • Submit to Route and Finalize Tabs
    • The thumbs up icon will change to a Submit button.
  • SF424 – FORMS-H updates will be incorporated with the upgrade. This will include changes related to the NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan.

Possible Issues and Work-Arounds

  • RMS may log you out when opening documents. To fix this issue, users should remove the browser extensions (e.g. Chrome, Fire Fox) for Adobe Acrobat: PDF edit, convert, sign tools.
  • Users may experience slowness when opening a record for the first time. After the RMS-Upgrade, users should clear all their browser cache/history. After the browser rebuilds cache/history, users should see normal performance when accessing records.

Training Materials

  • Training Videos in Learn@Work: The four videos will remain unchanged
    • Navigation and Portal Configurations
    • 7 steps and WashU Set-up
    • PT/AT intro
    • Statuses and workflow
  • RMS User Guide will be updated in 2023.

If you have any questions please contact Teri Medley.