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STAR – Research Administrator Onboarding Course Launch

Published April 20, 2017

STAR 100: Research Lifecycle, Onboarding Course Now Available

Research Education & Information and the STAR Advisory Committee are pleased to announce the STAR 100: Research Lifecycle, Onboarding Course is now available in Learn@Work. This course seeks to provide the learner with a high-level understanding of the Research Lifecycle, and familiarize them with key terms within research administration. Participants will also learn about which roles and offices play a key part in the administration of research.

We strongly encourage all members of the research administration community to take this course. New hires that require access to PDS will be expected to complete STAR 100 within six months of PDS access.

Click the following link to access the course directly, STAR 100: Research Lifecycle, Onboarding Course​.

  • You will need to turn off your pop up blocker to view this course.
  • There is an audio component, but you may opt to view closed captions
  • Don’t forget to download the “Onboarding Companion” within the module.
  • Additional information and screen shots may be found in the attached file.

I would like to take this moment to thank all the numerous subject matter experts from the Schools and Central Office areas that contributed their expertise and time to the creation of this course.

For questions, please contact Iris Peper, 314-747-4288,​​