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Tracking JROC Agreements in the New Research Management System (RMS)

Published May 8, 2018

Over the next couple of months, the Joint Research Office for Contracts (JROC) will begin tracking its agreements in RMS. The agreement data will be captured in the Proposal Tracking (PT) module under the Agreements tab. Described below are key changes to procedures as we transition to using the new RMS functionality.

Summary of Changes to Procedures

Agreements Set-up in SPA Accounts

Intake process for new incoming subawards and sponsored research agreements:

  • Department creates a PD record prior to submission of agreement information to JROC and provides the PD record number to JROC.
  • Upon receipt of new agreement information, JROC will access the PD record identified by the department. If no PD record number is provided, and JROC cannot locate one in RMS, JROC will notify the department to create a record.
  • To prevent delays in the execution of an agreement, if JROC does not receive confirmation of a PD record within one business day, JROC will create a skeletal PD record to associate with the agreement, but JROC expects this to occur only in exceptional circumstances, as the department should normally complete the PD record prior to submitting agreement information to JROC.

Terms and Conditions Distribution Process Change:

Beginning with RMS go-live on May 7, 2018, the STC (Summary of Terms & Conditions) document will no longer be distributed. Instead, you will access this information within RMS in the “Terms & Conditions Library”, in the PT Module, under the Awards folder. Once an agreement is fully signed, a copy will be uploaded in RMS and a distribution email, containing the fully executed agreement, will still be sent to the relevant stakeholders.

General Status Tracking:

Beginning July 1, 2018, all contracts processed by JROC (including Industry Clinical Trial Agreements, Data Agreements, etc.) will be tracked in the PT Module of RMS under the Agreements tab. The Agreements tab will include the current status of the agreement (e.g., pending intake, under negotiation, etc.), the contract negotiator that is responsible for the agreement, and other basic information about the agreement.

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