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Update to Washington University IRB Policies

Published June 17, 2022

The Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) has updated the Washington University IRB Policies document. The updated policies document went into effect on June 15, 2022. A summary of changes document was posted to the policies page of the HRPO website. The update included three key changes:

  • Updates to the section on Department of Defense conducted or supported research. Changes made were for consistency with the DoD Instruction document 3216.02.
  • Updates to the record retention requirements. Changes made were for consistency with other University departments.
  • The policy was revised to clarify who may serve as a Principal Investigator of a study overseen by the WashU IRB.

Faculty, Staff, and Students engaging in human subjects research should familiarize themselves and their staff with the updated information.

For questions about these changes, please contact the HRPO SWAT staff member at (314)-747-6800.