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Updated RMS PT & AT Statuses

Published March 2, 2020

Updated RMS PT & AT Statuses Used by SPA for Award Profiling 

The grant account set-up function, award processing, and post award items have been transitioning from the Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS) to Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) since April 2019. Noted below are some updates to that process in the Research Management System (RMS):

In PT, additional statuses will now be available for OSRS and SPA usage.

  • Pre-Award Spend
  • Award Completed
  • Award Changes Needed

In AT, the award statuses have been updated to route through SPA using “Under SPA Review”. This will allow an award increment to be assigned to a SPA Grants Specialist (GS). You will be able to see the assigned SPA GS in the assignments tab in AT as well as at the bottom of the award increment. Noted below are the new/revised statuses for AT:

  • Under SPA Review
  • Award Declined (SPA)
  • Ready For Profile (SPA)
  • Profile Completed (SPA)
  • Pending JROC Negotiations (SPA)
  • Pending Executed Agreement (SPA)
  • Pending Pre-Award (SPA)
  • Pending Compliance (SPA)
  • Pending Budget (SPA)
  • Pending Dept. Misc (SPA)
  • Pending Central Review (SPA)
  • Pending Space (SPA)
  • Transfer To OSRS
  • Transfer To SPA

The record will still show up on the DAs Things to Do, but the automatic emails to the Department Administrators (DA) have been turned off. SPA will contact the DA directly for what is needed to complete the award action.

The RMS User Guide will be updated as soon as possible.

Additional information will be provided at the Research Administrator Forums in March.

Please contact Emily Fels ( or 314-935-7053) or Lindsay Danner ( or 314-935-5720) in SPA with any questions or comments about this subject.