Rights and Responsibilities of Individuals Involved in Research Misconduct Proceedings

December 10, 2010 Complainant/Witness Respondent Individuals providing requested information Research Integrity Officer Members on the Committee on Research Integrity Office of Research Integrity & Ethics (ORIE) Vice Chancellor for Research Deans Department Heads Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and General Counsel (OGC) Legal counsel/advisor for the respondent Complainant/Witness Rights Protection from retaliation for his/her […]

Financial Disclosure Procedure

Original Effective Date 09/30/2003 Last Revised Date 07/19/2021 Financial Disclosure Statement via Research Management System (RMS): For all covered individuals who have any type of WashU appointment, the disclosure statement can be accessed at http://coi.wustl.edu. System instructions are available here. If the individual is transferring to WashU, an appointment can be entered into Workday by the […]

Monitoring Procedures

Original Effective Date 1/1/2007 Last Revised Date 4/26/2018 Washington University (WU) monitors compliance with FCOI management plans to verify management plan activities have been appropriately implemented in accordance with the prescribed strategies in the following circumstances or as required by the CIRC: All research involving human subjects When the significant financial interest (SFI) being managed […]

Request Information Available to the Public

Original Effective Date 08/24/2012 Washington University (WUSTL) shall provide to any requestor written information about Financial Conflicts of Interest, which were determined to be a Financial Conflict of Interest related to Public Health Services (PHS)-funded research on or after August 24, 2012, in accordance with 42 CFR Part 50 and 45 CFR Part 90 and […]

Material Financial Interest

Created 08/24/2012 The following outlines the CIRC’s Threshold for Reviewing Financial Interests Type of Research Funding: PHS/NIH All Non PHS (e.g. NSF, industry, etc.) Includes: ≥$5,000 in remuneration from an entity (includes non-profits), in aggregate ≥$5,000 equity in publicly traded entity Holding of any ownership interest or equity in a non-publicly traded entity (includes non-profits) […]

Dispute Resolution/Appeals Procedure

Original Effective Date 08/27/2002 Last Revised Date 08/24/2012 Introduction The WUSTL Research Conflicts of Interest Policy states “Unresolved disagreements concerning the application of this policy shall ultimately be referred for final resolution to a committee established by the chancellor or representative appointed by the chancellor.” This procedure outlines the necessary steps individuals shall take to resolve […]

Determining and Managing Research FCOIs Procedures

Original Effective Date 10/20/1993 Last Revised Date 8/24/2012 1. Introduction The following describes the Conflicts of Interest Review Committee’s (CIRC) procedures and considerations for a) reviewing individuals’ personal financial interests, b) determining whether there is a material financial interest, c) evaluating its relatedness to the research and risks, to determine if a financial conflict of interest […]

Timing of Disclosures

Original Effective Date 09/30/2003 Last Revised Date 08/16/2018 All faculty with an academic appointment of instructor or higher and all individuals, who by definition have independent responsibility for the design, conduct, or reporting of research at WU are required to proactively submit a disclosure: at least annually; within 30 days of acquiring a new financial […]

Financial Interests to Disclose

Original Effective Date 09/30/2003 Last Revised Date 08/16/2018 All personal financial interests, and those of the individual’s spouse and dependent child(ren), that appear to be related to a covered individual’s institutional responsibilities at WashU must be reported, regardless of value. Institutional responsibilities are defined as an individual’s professional duties and responsibilities on behalf of the University. These […]

FCOI Education Requirements

Original Effective Date 08/24/2012 Last Revised Date 05/02/2015 Introduction The WUSTL Research COI Policy states “A covered individual must complete training in regard to this policy and applicable federal regulations as established by the University and/or applicable federal regulations.” Central to Washington University’s mission of fostering excellence in research is a commitment to ensure that individuals […]