Animal Care and Use

Continuing Review Policy

Adopted: 05/28/2019
Revised: 01/25/2022

Policy Statement

All protocols must undergo a complete de novo review every three years. The IACUC will complete more frequent continuing reviews for protocols at appropriate intervals as determined by the IACUC and/or if required by the funding agency supporting the animal use protocol.

If the required continuing review is not completed, the protocol will expire and all animal use activities must stop.


Investigators will be notified before the first and second anniversary of the original protocol approval when the continuing review is required. Review forms are available in the electronic protocol submission system and must be submitted, reviewed, and approved before the anniversary date.

The IACUC completes the continuing review via the Designated Member Review (DMR) Process.

If the continuing review is not approved by the anniversary date, the IACUC office will notify the Principal Investigator and the Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) that animal use must cease until further notice. If a protocol is allowed to lapse while the associated vertebrate animals are housed on campus, the animals must be transferred to the DCM holding protocol, transferred to another approved protocol (naïve animals only), placed with an outside agency, or euthanized. The Attending Veterinarian, or designee, will evaluate the animals and take appropriate action if the protocol expiration poses any threat to animal welfare.

Once the PI has successfully submitted and obtained approval of the continuing review, the protocol will be reactivated and animal work will be permitted to continue.