The Shared Instrument Group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science is a resource for students and faculty at Washington University whose studies or research involve understanding material behavior. More information is available on our website. Access to our core facility is managed through iLab.

Core Description

MEMS Shared Instrument Group has materials characterization systems available to researchers within Washington University. We also work with outside academic institutions and industry. Visit our website to find details on each instrument available, its accessories and capabilities, and the types of samples and materials that it is best suited to characterize.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for Specific groups, centers or departments – see Additional Information for details.

Additional information:

In times of high demand or usage, priority access will be given to MEMS Department Researchers


  • Instrument Training
  • Method Development
  • Assistance with Data Analysis and Interpretation


  • ElectroForce 3200 Mechanical Testing System
  • TA Instruments HR-20 Rheometer
  • Instron 5583 Load Frame
  • Zeiss LSM 880 Confocal Microscope System
  • TA Instruments AR G2 Rheometer
  • MTS 858 Mini Bionix servo-hydraulic test system


Pricing is subject to core verification

Please see our website for pricing information: Equipment Rates & Billing