This core assists investigators with the generation of manipulated murine ES cells used to make sophisticated mouse models of human diseases.

Core Description

The Murine Embryonic Stem Cell Core has been created to help you make mutations in mouse embryonic stem cells.  The core has several missions including: development of state-of-the art reagents for the production of targeted mutations in embryonic stem cells, the creation of quality-controlled embryonic stem cell lines, and the teaching of methods for embryonic stem cell culture and manipulation.  The core provides seven different embryonic stem cell lines for the WUMS research community.  In addition, this core provides a teaching service, so that ‘hands-on’ production of targeted ES clones can be learned.  Finally, the core will arrange additional services for your ES clones such as karyotyping, MAP testing, and blastocyst injections.  By providing a comprehensive service, we hope to facilitate the production of gain-of-function and loss-of-function mouse models for our faculty.​


Service available to Washington University and other non-profit organizations.

Priority service for All entities, including for-profit organizations.


  • Primary ES cell Transfections
  • Secondary Transfections (utilizing either cre or flp recombinase)
  • Expansions of ES clones
  • Plasmid distribution
  • Additional ES cell testing preparations and arrangements (mycoplasma, MAP, karyotyping, blastocyst microinjections)
  • Cryopreservation storage of ES clones
  • Availability of wild-type ES cell lines


  • All equipment associated with a tissue culture facility
  • Bio-Safety hoods
  • Two tissue culture incubators
  • Essential equipment for transfection, clone plucking and clone preservation
  • Appropriate computer support for administration and record keeping


Pricing is subject to core verification

Please refer to the core website under ‘Services’ for detailed service costs.

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Developmental Biology
Cell Biology & Physiology