The Precision Animal Models and Organoids Core (PAMOC) core provides assistance to Digestive Diseases Research Core Center (DDRCC) members for use of the mouse as an experimental model and for assistance with derivation, growth, and analysis of mouse and human gastrointestinal organoids.

Core Description

The DDRCC PAMOC has two components.  The mouse genetics component subsidizes services provided by the Mouse Genetics Core (see Mouse Genetics Core entry for details) for digestive diseases-related research. These include production of conventional transgenic mice by microinjection of plasmid or BAC constructs and editing of the mouse genome (Indels, point mutations, insertion of loxP sites and reporters) by either microinjection or electroporation of CRISPR/Cas9 reagents into zygotes.  The core also performs in vitro fertilization and maintains a Mouse Bank with transgenic lines of use to DDRCC investigators.

The organoid component (directed by Dr. Matt Ciorba) provides comprehensive services for the derivation, growth, transfection, and analysis of mouse and human GI Organoids.  Please contact Dr. Ciorba ( to discuss access to organoid services.


Service available to Specific groups, centers or departments – see Additional Information for details.

Priority service for Washington University only.

Additional information:

Subsidized services are provided for full members of the DDRCC for projects with relevance to digestive diseases research. ​


  • Production of transgenic, knockout, and gene-edited mice, including the use of CRISPR/Cas9 technology
  • In vitro fertilization for SPF rederivation and importation of new mouse lines
  • Maintenance of a Mouse Bank: Albumin-Cre, Villin-Cre-ERT2, Rosa26-Cre-ERT2, Lrat-Cre, P48-Cre
  • Biobanks of human and mouse GI epithelial cell lines
  • Provision of media and growth factors for organoid culture
  • Quantifiable viability assays, fluorescence, apoptosis indicators


  • Microinjection and incubator setups
  • Biotek Cytation 3 cell imaging system


Please contact this core directly for pricing information.

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