X-ray powder diffraction is performed on a state of the art Bruker d8 Advance powder diffraction system. Routine identification of powder unknowns is made using Bruker EVA with ICDD PDF4+ subscription database and COD database. Bruker Topas 5 software is used for Rietveld refinement and routine quantitative analysis.

Core Description

​Bruker d8 Advance X-ray diffraction system with LynxEyeXE position-sensitive detector. Routine identification of powders and appropriate materials including thin films. All users are required to attend 3 hour training sessions offered monthly in order to use the facility.


Service available to All entities, including for-profit organizations.

Priority service for No distinctions.


  • X-ray powder diffraction analysis is used for routine identification of unknown materials using ~25 or 800 mg of powder. Samples are ground to approximately 10 micron grain size and diffraction data is collected and used for identification and other advanced XRD applications such as line vs. profile based ICDD matching, pattern simulation, cell refinement, 3D structure imaging, and Rietveld analysis.


  • Bruker d8 Advance powder diffractometer
  • Bruker EVA and Topas software
  • MDI Jade+ software
  • ICDD PDF 4+ subscription
  • Other software tools available to trained users.


Pricing is subject to core verification

​Pricing structure listed on lab website: http://xraysrv.wustl.edu​