Last Updated: March 23

Principal investigators should carefully evaluate ongoing and planned animal activities given the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.  

For detailed instructions, please go to Animal Care and Use COVID-19 Guidance FAQ page.

We recommend that Researchers:

  • Delay new projects and refrain from setting up new breeding cages 
  • Develop plans to scale back your breeding colonies
  • Cryopreserve critical mouse lines.  These services are available from two WashU cores.  See the detailed instructions link above for contact information
  • When possible, conclude experiments at an earlier time point to collect essential data
  • Continually determine if ongoing experiments can be continued with the available lab staff
  • Prioritize experiments based on available laboratory staff and resources
  • Create an emergency contact list for your research staff to ensure communication within your group
  • DCM staff may need to contact you about the care of your animals. Please update your IACUC protocol in the LAMPS system to ensure DCM staff have access to your contact information
  • Notify the DCM Business office to reschedule animal orders if planned experiments are canceled or delayed.  Some vendors are waiving cancellation fees

How to Care for animals if research staff have limited access to campus:

  • The Department of Comparative Medicine, which oversees animal care, has continuity plans in place to continue to provide routine care (food, water, sanitation, health checks) and routine veterinary care. DCM staff will continue to have access to campus
  • DCM is currently well stocked on essential items for animal care
  • If you have a satellite facility, you must make arrangements with DCM for interim care of your colony in the event of a shut down. Contact your facility supervisor about your options