Principal investigators should carefully evaluate ongoing and planned animal activities given the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

For detailed instructions, please go to Animal Care and Use COVID-19 Guidance FAQ page.


Note: Space continues to be a critical issue for our WashU animal facilities, and animal holding should be restricted to active research projects only.

Recommendations for researchers:

  • If you cryopreserved lines that will not be needed for your research for at least 2 years, please take those colonies off the shelf. Continue the effort to cryopreserve both critical mouse lines and lines that are no longer needed on the shelf. These services are available from two WashU cores. See the detailed instructions link above for contact information.
  • Per School of Medicine guidelines, COVID-19 occupancy limitations are no longer in effect in holding rooms and animal procedure rooms. Access may still be challenging due to crowding.  If you have trouble accessing your animals, speak with the facility supervisor or manager.
  • PPE requirements for rodents have been updated and can be found at the Animal Care and Use COVID-19 Guidance FAQ. Cloth lab coats will be phased out in July. 
  • If your lab has experienced any COVID related staffing changes, please ensure essential duties (checking expiration dates, maintaining controlled substance records, satellite housing contact person) have been reassigned to appropriately trained and approved personnel.
  • If you have an isoflurane vaporizer, please check the certification date. The IACUC has granted a six month extension (e.g. if you were due in March, your new due date is in September). If your vaporizer needs to be certified, please contact Jess Powell.