During alternative operations, excluding essential personnel, our teams are operating remotely.  See below for how to contact our offices during this time. 

All staff are reachable via direct email or office email accounts and will be getting voice messages regularly.  Some offices will continue to have supports lines actively being answered during normal business hours, which is noted with a phone number. 

Office or Program Contacts Webpage Email contact Phone availability
Institutional Animal Care and Use Office iacuc@wustl.edu 314-362-3229
Division of Comparative Medicine Animal Orders: som-dcmprocurement@email.wustl.edu

Service Requests: DCM-servicerequest@email.wustl.edu

Emergencies: follow standard operating procedures
Conflicts of Interest Programs coi@wustl.edu 314-747-4181
Human Research Protection Office (HRPO) HRPO@wustl.edu 314-371-6189 – dedicated for COVID questions
Human Research Quality Assurance Program (HRQA) HRQA@wustl.edu 314-747-5525
Center for Clinical Studies ccs@wustl.edu Voicemails will be checked regularly
Sponsored Project Accounting (SPA) Contact appropriate SPA Team Member Voicemails will be checked regularly
Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS) Contact your assigned GA or researchgrants@wusm.wustl.edu Voicemails will be checked regularly
Joint Research Office of Contracting (JROC) researchcontracts@wusm.wustl.edu Voicemails will be checked regularly
Export Controls ovcrexportcompliance@wustl.edu Voicemails will be checked regularly
Office of Research Integrity and Ethics ORIE@wustl.edu Voicemails will be checked regularly
Environmental Health and Safety ehs@wustl.edu 314-362-6816
General Questions Johnnie Cartwright cartwrightj@wustl.edu Email is preferable, voicemails automatically sent to email