Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) (including Radiation Safety) is fully operational. Staff are on campus to support research operations, but continue to work remotely when feasible. If you need to visit the EH&S office in-person, please make prior arrangements. EH&S staff are happy to arrange virtual meetings and conference calls with our WashU community. 

Please check these sites regularly for the most up-to-date information.

The EH&S (including Radiation Safety) main phone line, 314-362-6816, and email address, ehs@wustl.edu, are being monitored from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, not including holidays. Please use these for general inquiries. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Washington University Police Department on the Danforth Campus at 314-935-5555, or the medical school Protective Services at 314-362-4357 and they will contact EH&S as needed.

Unwanted Material

  • EH&S has resumed routine collection of unwanted materials (chemicals), medical waste and radioactive waste.
  • Segregate, properly store, label and secure these materials in your laboratory, clinic, shop or studio, and when ready, please send a Request for Pickup to EH&S.
  • If there are safety concerns for prolonged storage of these materials in your work area, please contact EH&S at 314-602-8551 or email at isringhausenm@wustl.edu to arrange for a special collection.

Lab Inspections

  • Laboratory inspections have resumed. EH&S personnel will continue to limit time in lab spaces as much as feasible. Please reach out to your EH&S Contact for ongoing questions or concerns related to the safety or compliance of your lab operations.
  • As laboratories ramp-up, they need to resume monthly safety eyewash, fire extinguisher and routine surveys.
  • Questions have been raised as to whether laboratory personnel will be allowed to eat or drink in their laboratories in designated areas, as some feel this is a safer alternative to social distancing and eating in break rooms, lounge areas in corridors, or outside locations.  At this time, for safety and regulatory compliance reasons, the Institutional Biological and Chemical Safety Committee, Radiation Safety Committee and EH&S are not allowing food or drink to be consumed in laboratory settings.

EH&S Training

  • Return to Campus research ramp-up training can be found here.
  • In-person training for large groups provided by EH&S including Laboratory Safety, Clinic Safety, Radiation Safety and Shipping Training has been suspended. Please note most training is available online via Learn@Work. In addition, EH&S can provide virtual Laboratory Safety training for larger groups upon request.
  • Special arrangements can be made for individual training wherein effective distancing and infection prevention can be implemented.

IBC Protocol Review

  • At this time, we do not anticipate any changes to the IBC protocol review process. We will provide updates as necessary if this changes.
  • Contact EH&S at ehsibc@wustl.edu or 314-362-6816 with questions or concerns.

Working Alone in Laboratories

A lone worker is anyone who is the only worker at a workplace, is not directly supervised, working at a site where assistance is not readily available, or is out of earshot and line-of-sight from the nearest coworker. Working alone can occur during normal business hours as well as at night, on weekends, and holidays. Alternate operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic has created or increased situations where researchers are working alone. The Guidelines for Working Alone in Laboratories have been developed to assist researchers with recognizing and minimizing risks.