Guidance Related to COVID-19

New Applications

New applications will be accepted and processed, however delays in reviews and approvals may occur.


ESCRO policy and the federal regulations continue to apply.  Ongoing projects must be reviewed and approved at least annually.  Renewal reminders will be sent out 2 months in advance.  When preparing renewal applications, please allow ample time for review and approval so that research projects do not expire.


All applications should still be submitted to for processing.

Both scanned ink signatures and electronic signatures will be accepted as signatures on application and renewal forms.

Department Chairs can send approvals via an email stating, “This email serves as my signature/approval for ESCRO application [ESCRO#______; PI name].”  Please put the ESCRO number and PI name in the subject line.

Ongoing Research

Ensure cells lines remain viable and develop a continuity plan that includes contingencies for “alternate operations” or “full closure”.

Refer to the latest OVCR COVID-19 guidance for researchers and the latest OVCR Town Hall.

Please address questions and concerns to