PAAMCO Project

Oversees the implementation of the new grants management system, the Research Management System (RMS), which includes the new COI disclosure module

RMS Updates

Managing Proposals in April & May 2018 March 20, 2018

Super Users of RMS Contact List March 2018

PDS vs RMS Quick Reference Guide March 20, 2018

RMS Training for Research Administrators Now Available March 15, 2018

RMS User Guide March 15, 2018

Current Status

PAAMCO Project on Track for Second Quarter 2018 Completion

Conflict of Interest (COI) – Module was launched February 27, 2017 and implementation of non-critical post go-live functionality is in process.

SPIN (Sponsored Program Information Network) – SPIN funding opportunities database was launched on May 10, 2017 and is available through With 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 sponsors, SPIN is a consolidated source for easily locating external funding opportunities using a variety of the following features:

  • Search/filter using keywords, sponsor, location, etc.
  • Set up personalized automatic funding alerts and track opportunities of interest
  • Receive notifications of new funding opportunities
  • Access curated lists of WashU managed internal selections

Pre-Award & Award Management (PAAM)

  • Timeline revision approved by Project Sponsors in May 2017 to launch all PAAM related system functionality in April 2018, rather than part in October 2017 and part in June 2018
  • Revised timeline moves roll-out of new proposal submission module away from major NIH submission deadline windows
  • System Demo Series initiated in June 2017 to continue through November 2017
  • PAAM Team, which includes central area staff, as well as school/department grant administrators, continues to be focused on foundational Proposal Development (PD) Module configurations. PAAM Workgroup school/department members meet weekly to evaluate configuration setups and department-specific aspects.
  • PAAM Team continues to participate in weekly vendor configuration calls

For a timeline and more information about the project, visit the About PAAMCO page.


Becky Evans
Functional Project Lead

Bill Hunn
Technical Project Lead

Renee Lowry
Project Manager

Heidi Wandel
Business Analyst