PAAMCO Project

Oversees the implementation of the new grants management system, the Research Management System (RMS), which includes the new COI disclosure module

Weekly Updates

Updates on training, system functionality, defects, and more can be found on the Weekly Updates page.

RMS Updates

RMS Update and Reminders June 11, 2018

RMS Update and Reminders June 1, 2018

RMS Day 3 Go-Live Status and RPPR Workaround Research News May 10, 2018

Tracking JROC Agreements in RMS Research News Announcement May 8, 2018

New RMS PD/PT Modules Live May 7, 2018

Changes to WUSM Space Allocation Information in AIS Research News Announcement April 24, 2018

Managing Proposals in April & May 2018 Research News Announcement Updated April 11, 2018

RMS Update: Go-Live Date Extended to May 7, 2018 Research News Announcement April 10, 2018

New Proposal Development Record Requirement for NIH SNAP RPPRs Research News Announcement April 4, 2018

Super Users of RMS Contact List March 20 2018

PDS vs RMS Quick Reference Guide March 20, 2018

RMS Training for Research Administrators Now Available (Research News Announcement) March 15, 2018

RMS User Guide March 15, 2018

RMS Training Resources

RMS User Guide

  • Proposal Development
  • Proposal Tracking/Award Tracking
  • Appendices
    1. Search Fields Glossary
    2. Salary Caps
    3. Personnel Types
    4. Routing Map – PD Approval Routes/Notifications & PT Statuses
    5. What to Submit to OSRS
    6. Fringe Schemes for TBN individuals
    7. RMS and the STC
    8. Incoming Subawards and Sponsored Research Agreements
    9. RMS Funded Files Naming Conventions
    10. Award Increment Submission Type or “Type”

RMS Online Training in Learn@Work

Course Selection

(If you have already completed training and need to access optional videos, click “View Detail” on the course’s page in Learn@Work. View this image for more information.)

List of Videos

  • RMS General Navigation and Portal Configuration
  • Proposal Development
    • 7 Steps and Setup Questions
    • Budget
      • Part 1: Navigation, Justifications, Versions, and Setup
      • Part 2: Personnel and Cost Sharing
      • Part 3: Non-Personnel
      • Part 4: Subawards, Subprojects, and F&A
      • Part 5: Modular Budgets
    • PD Approval and Routing Status
  • Proposal Tracking and Award Tracking

In-Person Training

The schedule of all RMS in-person training and drop-in sessions can be found in the RMS section of the Research Education Calendar.

RMS 101: Budget and Routing

  • Prerequisites
    • Completion of applicable training in Learn@Work (see RMS Training in Learn@Work above)
    • RMS 101 Worksheet

RMS 102: Advanced Submissions and Proposal Tracking

Drop-In Sessions

Get one-on-one assistance with RMS questions during scheduled times. Drop-in times can be found on the Research Education Calendar.

RMS Tools and Documents

A RMS Training Materials folder in Box has been created to house additional resources. 

Top 10+ RMS Tips (PDF)

Super User Contact List

PDS vs RMS Quick Guide

Department Administrator/Grant Analyst Support Process (PDF)

SNAP RPPR Tips for Departments (PDF)

Map – PD Approval Routes and Notifications (PDF)

Map – PT Statuses (PDF)

Map – AT Statuses (PDF)

Program Types and Purpose Codes (including Research Types) (PDF)

Budget – Salary caps and Exclusions: What Sponsors are Configured in RMS? (PDF)

Budget – F&A in RMS:

Budget – Training Grant spreadsheet – coming soon!

What to Submit to OSRS (PDF)



Becky Evans
Functional Project Lead

Bill Hunn
Technical Project Lead

Renee Lowry
Project Manager