Proposal Management Services

The Washington University in St. Louis Research Development Office (RDO) is happy to offer advice for any proposal and answer questions about any opportunity. For large or complex proposals that bridge disciplines or those of strategic importance to Washington University, we provide additional proposal management services to plan and produce high quality, highly competitive proposals. Please contact us at least four weeks before the sponsor’s deadline.

Proposal management services include:

  • Team Kick-Off Meeting: We will organize and host a meeting that aligns the team to the funding opportunity, proposal timeline, and assigns roles.
  • Identify Collaborators: We will assist the leaders in identifying potential collaborators (internal and external) to strengthen the team.
  • Brainstorm Sessions: We will organize and facilitate workshops and/or brainstorm sessions to develop the overall vision, project goals, aims, and partners.
  • Proposal Outlines, Timelines, and Checklists: We will work with the PIs to develop a proposal outline that is responsive to the funding opportunity to facilitate the proposal writing process. We encourage all team members to agree on a writing timeline and number of drafts. We work with research administrators and PIs to develop a full proposal checklist.
  • Content Development: We can assist in developing proposal content for broadening participation, broader impacts, outreach, and management sections of the proposal.
  • Draft Review: We will provide feedback on drafts at any stage in the process. We propose edits to your content to strengthen the grantsmanship and responsiveness to the funding opportunity review criteria.
  • Red Team Reviews: We can facilitate an external review of your proposal prior to submission through a red team review process. The external reviewers are asked to provide verbal feedback in a panel-like review that mimics the sponsor’s review.
  • Site Visits: We can assist in preparation of a reverse or in person site visit. This includes slide development, team practices, and on-site logistics.