Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Protections from Retaliation for Participation in Research Misconduct Proceedings

December 10, 2010

Washington University expects all members of the research community to report observed instances of research misconduct and will take steps to assure the confidentiality of those reporting. Washington University has no tolerance of retaliation against individuals participating in a research misconduct proceeding.

Please refer to the Rights and Responsibilities of individuals involved in a research misconduct proceeding for more information.

Protections from Retaliation Provided to Individuals Involved in Research Misconduct Proceedings

  • Washington University takes allegations of retaliation seriously and strongly believes in the importance of protecting individuals from retaliation for their participation in or cooperation with research misconduct proceedings.
  • The University will protect any individual involved in research misconduct proceedings from any retaliatory actions.
  • No individual shall engage in actions which are, or could be perceived as, retaliatory against any individual involved with the proceedings. Adverse actions towards individuals participating in this process are strictly prohibited and will be addressed accordingly.
  • If an individual feels they are being retaliated against, they should immediately contact the Research Integrity Officer (RIO), the Research Ethics and Compliance Office (RECO), or the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR). The RIO, RECO, or VCR, in consultation with the appropriate dean or department head, shall promptly take all appropriate steps to protect the individual from retaliation, provided that the allegations were made in good faith.
  • All individuals involved in research misconduct proceedings will be notified of the University’s prohibition of any adverse actions towards in​dividuals participating in research misconduct proceedings and that any allegations of potential retaliation will be addressed accordingly.

If you have any questions about the protections from retaliation provided to individuals participating in a research misconduct proceeding, please feel free to contact Dr. Aubrey Morrison, (314)-454-8495; Jeneane Braden, (314)-747-4152; or Gerri Fisher, (314)-747-5571.​​​