Award Management

Tips and Reminders for Award


  • For any award requests, including cost-sharing accounts and allocation requests, please include the fund # in the subject line on e-mails. If the award is not set up yet, please include the PDS doc # in the subject line on e-mails.

Space Allocation

  • Make sure to add ALL divisions and alphas to the space allocation tab prior to requesting a new allocation or a cost-sharing account.
  • The button “Send to CA” no longer sends OSRS an e-mail so please let us know when a cost- share or allocation is ready. (Note: does not apply for Danforth Campus Dept/Schools – unless allocating to Medical School Departments).

Project Activation Requests (PAs):

Notice of Award

Compliance needed prior to account set-up or date extensions:

  • Make sure to send your OSRS Contact a current IRB or IACUC (if applicable).
  • Make sure EPA (External Professional Activities) and FCOI Education are updated for ALL personnel listed on the signature page of the PC Form
    • Information on EPA can be found at here
    • Information on FCOI Education can be found here
  • If human subjects research is answered YES, make sure Human Subjects Education is complete for ALL personnel listed on the Signature page of the PC Form.
  • Please be aware that OSRS checks compliance for any date extension or money budgeted.
  • For any exception to the above compliance, contact OSRS.

Profile set-up:

As per our e-mail signature line:
NOTE: OSRS is asking Department Administrators to assist OSRS in verifying the accuracy of any update/maintenance made to a fund profile, as well as, any allocations (including cost sharing accounts). Should any discrepancies occur, or if a request has not been fulfilled satisfactorily, please notify me via e-mail as soon as possible. No response will indicate that OSRS has fulfilled the request correctly and accurately.

****If this budget includes a planned subaward, please go to the SUBSystem to authorize the Contract Team to process subrecipient funding.****

Download the Tips and Reminders for Award [PDF].