Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI) Supplemental Process

Overview The Individual (Research) Conflicts of Interest Policy, Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy, External Professional Activities Policy and associated supportive processes effectively address and ensure the objectivity of research conducted at WashU and such activities are not impacted by bias due to personal or institutional financial interests related to the research.  The Joint Research Office […]

Trainings for Researchers

Compliance Trainings Below are the major compliance trainings required for the research community. Most mandatory trainings are assigned in Learn@Work based on HR data or by the completion of the Compliance Profile. All members of the research community are encouraged to complete the compliance profile at the start of a new position or when job […]

Guidance on Contingent Workers for Non-WashU Researchers and Pre/Post Employment Research Roles

Last Revised: June 11, 2024 OverviewContingent WorkersPre-Employment (Incoming Faculty/Researchers) ProcessPost-Employment (Departing Faculty/Researchers) ProcessFAQsContactsGuest ID Usage and Process Overview Contingent Workers is a broad category covering non-employees in Workday. Workday@WashU has established guidance and procedures on Contingent Workers for the University as a whole. This document is an expansion of that guidance specifically for research purposes. […]