Trainings for Researchers

Compliance Trainings Below are the major compliance trainings required for the research community. Most mandatory trainings are assigned in Learn@Work based on HR data or by the completion of the Compliance Profile. All members of the research community are encouraged to complete the compliance profile at the start of a new position or when job […]

Determine What You Can and Cannot Charge to a Grant

Registration for Individuals The registration fees for Principal Investigators (PI) utilizing controlled substances for research can be charged as a direct cost to a sponsored fund. Background Check Fees These fees are allowable on a sponsored fund if the background check is conducted on an individual who needs access to the controlled substance and is […]

Have Another Staff Member Pick Up Your Controlled Substances

If they have completed an approved Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Information System (NADDIS) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) background check, as verified by Human Resources (HR), and they are approved under your approved Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocol, and/or your individual Missouri Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous […]

Dispose of Controlled Substances

Disposing of Drug Cocktails If you obtained your controlled substances used to make your cocktail from either the Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) or Danforth Animal Facility (DAF), please return the unused portion for proper disposal by the earliest expiration date of the associated drugs. Disposing of Unwanted, Contaminated, or Expired Controlled Substances If you […]

Determine How Long to Retain Forms & Logs

DAF/DCM Registrations FORM NAME RETENTION TIME DEA Schedule II 2 years DEA Schedule III-V 2 years Aliquot Log 2 years Initial Inventory Form DEA Schedule II Permanently DEA Schedule III-V Permanently Annual Inventory Form The required annual inventory for WashU is performed on a single day every spring. Researchers with controlled substances will be contacted […]

Determine if You Are Off Campus

On the Danforth Campus, off-campus is defined as anything that is not contiguous with the main Danforth Campus and the South-40; for example, the North, South and West Campuses, the Tyson Research Center, the Lewis Center and 560 Music Center are considered as off-campus. On the Medical School Campus, off-site School of Medicine clinics, such […]