Veterans Affairs Appointments and MOUs

Table of Contents Overview What is a VA Investigator? A VA Investigator is a faculty member of Washington University (WashU) who also has an appointment at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Why does WashU support collaborations with the VA? To help serve Veterans by supporting VA research and education to improve the quality of […]

Budget Considerations

The Uniform Guidance (UG) imposed these federal requirements effective December 26, 2014, and apply to new awards and incremental/supplemental funding awards made on or after that date. Requirement Action Notes UG Reference Criteria used to justify directcharging of admin/clerical costs. Administrative and clerical salaries may be appropriate as a direct charges when all of the […]

F&A Rate Flow Chart

The Facilities & Administrative Rate Flow Chart (PDF) is a tool to assist in determining the F&A rate based on the funding agency, funding type, campus, and more.

Professional Organizations for Research Administration

These organizations offer research administrators opportunities for professional development, conferences, webinars, workshops, and more. National Council of University Research AdministratorsSociety of Research Administrators International

RMS Post Submission Checklist

This Post RMS Submission Checklist is a collection of several tasks to complete in RMS after submitting to a sponsor.

Trainings for Researchers

Compliance Trainings Below are the major compliance trainings required for the research community. Most mandatory trainings are assigned in Learn@Work based on HR data or by the completion of the Compliance Profile. All members of the research community are encouraged to complete the compliance profile at the start of a new position or when job […]