Rights and Responsibilities of Individuals Involved in Research Misconduct Proceedings

December 10, 2010 Complainant/Witness Respondent Individuals providing requested information Research Integrity Officer Members on the Committee on Research Integrity Office of Research Integrity & Ethics (ORIE) Vice Chancellor for Research Deans Department Heads Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and General Counsel (OGC) Legal counsel/advisor for the respondent Complainant/Witness Rights Protection from retaliation for his/her […]

Protections from Retaliation for Participation in Research Misconduct Proceedings

December 10, 2010 Washington University expects all members of the research community to report observed instances of research misconduct and will take steps to assure the confidentiality of those reporting.¬†Washington University has no tolerance of retaliation against individuals participating in a research misconduct proceeding. Please refer to the Rights and Responsibilities¬†of individuals involved in a […]