Contingent Worker Guidance

Overview The WashU Research Community encompasses a diverse spread of individuals within and outside the University.  A significant number of individuals not employed or holding an appointment at WashU may be involved (directly or indirectly) in research or other WashU activities.  This includes domestic and international research collaborators, visiting researchers and faculty, and students (across […]

Guest WUSTL Key Guidance

In order for Non-WashU personnel to obtain the necessary training and security access, two options are available and primarily depends on the anticipated needs and role with WashU: Contingent Workers: Non-WashU person with direct involvement in WashU research, under an agreement to use WashU space/equipment for non-WashU purposes, or requiring WUSTL key access to a […]

CIRC Disclosure Review Process

Created 01.15.2020 Introduction The WUSTL Research Conflicts of Interest Policy states “The Conflicts of Interest Review Committee(s) (CIRC) is the designated official(s) responsible for evaluating financial disclosures.” This procedure outlines the process that the CIRC uses to evaluate the disclosures for financial conflicts of interest (FCOI).  Disclosure Review All covered individuals are required to submit […]

Member Appointment Process – Conflict of Interest Review Committee

Original Effective Date 08/01/1998 Last Revised Date 08/01/2019 Committee Structure and Purview School of Medicine Committee This Committee reviews financial disclosures for individuals with a prime appointment* at the School of Medicine. The Committee will be comprised of at least 15 faculty members with 13 faculty representing research intensive departments and/or high conflicts of interest […]

Financial Disclosure Procedure

Original Effective Date 09/30/2003 Last Revised Date 07/19/2021 Financial Disclosure Statement via Research Management System (RMS): For all covered individuals who have any type of WashU appointment, the disclosure statement can be accessed at System instructions are available here. If the individual is transferring to WashU, an appointment can be entered into Workday by the […]

Monitoring Procedures

Original Effective Date 1/1/2007 Last Revised Date 4/26/2018 Washington University (WU) monitors compliance with FCOI management plans to verify management plan activities have been appropriately implemented in accordance with the prescribed strategies in the following circumstances or as required by the CIRC: All research involving human subjects When the significant financial interest (SFI) being managed […]

Request Information Available to the Public

Original Effective Date 08/24/2012 Last Revised Date 05/25/2022 Washington University (WashU) shall provide to any requestor written information about Financial Conflicts of Interest, which were determined to be a Financial Conflict of Interest related to research on or after August 24, 2012, as applicable and in accordance with federal regulations including 42 CFR 50, 45 […]