Animal Care and Use

Use the X-Ray Irradiator

Access and Animal Handling for Use of the X-ray Irradiator

  1. The X-ray irradiator procedure room (CSRB B045) is a shared area. Only personnel who have been trained by DCM will have cardkey access to the room. Improper use of the room will result in denial of access.
  2. All operators must log in before using the irradiator. The operator must not leave the animals unattended while they are being irradiated.
  3. Mice may enter the irradiator room using either of the following secure conditions (a or b): a. While in the animal housing room, mice are placed into a filtered irradiator pie and loosely double bagged. Leave plenty of air in the bags to prevent asphyxiation and do not leave mice inside plastic bags for more than 1 hour. Before placing mice in the irradiator chamber, remove the outer bag and leave the pie in a single plastic bag. Please DO NOT use any Clidox or other disinfectant on the bags prior to irradiation. OR: b. Mice can be left in the microisolator cages or put into ice cream cartons in the animal rooms. Cages and ice cream cartons are loosely double-bagged and transported to the irradiator room directly from the housing facility. The outer bag is removed and mice are loaded into pie cages to be irradiated. The biosafety cabinet must be used when transferring mice into and out of the irradiator pie. The pie cage is singly bagged before being loaded into the irradiator chamber. The bag SHOULD NOT be sprayed with disinfectant before being placed into the irradiator chamber.
  4. Following irradiation, the animals are removed from the chamber (and placed back into cages/ice cream cartons within the biosafety cabinet if desired) and double bagged before returning to the housing facility.
  5. Before entering the barrier, the outside bag must be sprayed with disinfectant solution before being placed in the transfer vestibule. For your own protection, a second person should retrieve the unit from the barrier side of the vestibule and re-house the mice.
  6. The outer bag is discarded at the barrier side of the vestibule before entering the room. The inner bag is sprayed with Clidox. The mice are immediately transported back to the animal room, placed it in the laminar airflow hood and the inner bag removed. Mark the cages with a yellow card indicating that they have been irradiated.
  7. The irradiator pie should be disinfected with Clidox (do not use alcohol on plexiglass or plastic), dried, and stored in a plastic bag for further use.
  8. PIs are required to provide their own filtered mouse pie cage(s). The pie cage below (see Braintree Scientific) was used when the irradiator was calibrated and preset programs were installed.


  1. Transfer animals to a filtered irradiator pie
  2. Double bag the irradiator pie
  3. Transport the unit to the irradiator room
  4. Remove the outer bag
  5. Place the irradiator pie in the chamber with only the inner bag
  6. Irradiate
  7. Remove the unit and double bag it again
  8. Before entering the animal hallway, spray the outer bag with Clidox
  9. Before entering the animal room, remove the outer bag and spray the inner bag with Clidox
  10. Remove the irradiator pie from the inner bag and return animals to the room.