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Last Updated 4/25/2017 10:26 AM
Flow Cytometry and Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting
Director(s): Marina Cella, MD
Contact: Erica Lantelme, PhD
Phone: 314-362-3562
Email: facs@pathology.wustl.edu
Campus: Medical Campus Campus Box: 8118
School/Unit: Medicine
Academic Department: Pathology And Immunology
*Please contact this Core directly for physical location
Core Location
Building Name: BJCIH build
Room Number: 8513
Core Summary
The Flow Cytometry Core provides investigators with instrumentation and support for cell sorting as well as acquisition and analysis of flow cytometry data.
Service available to:
All entities, including for-profit organizations

Priority service for:
No distinctions

Additional Information:

  • N/A
Core Details

The following instruments are available in the Flow Cytometry Core:

Two BD FACSAriaII cell sorters from BD Biosciences.
All sorters provide high-speed, high purity multi-parameter cell sorting into tubes and are also capable of single cell sorting directly into 96-well plates. One BD FACSAriaII cell sorter is available for operation by trained users and the other one is operated by the core staff only. 

BD LSR II, BD LsrFortessa, BD FACSCanto II and  BD FACSCalibur analyzers are also available. These instruments allow analysis of up to 16 fluorescent parameters. New users are provided with training before being able to operate the instruments.

Two SeaHorse analyzers (XF96 and XF24) are available for operation by trained users.​


  • Staff-operated cell sorting; Assistance with experimental design; Instruction and training on the instruments; Consultations on sample preparation and data analysis

  • BD FACSAriaII; BD LSRII; BD FACSCantoII; BD LSR Fortessa FACSCalibur SeaHorse Bioflux analyzer XF96 SeaHorse Bioflux analyzer XF24
Pricing - subject to verification from the Core Facility.

Instrument Fee ($/hr):
BD FACSAriaII-1 Sorter   $80.00;
BD FACSAriaII-2 Sorter (User Operated)  $55.00;
BD FACSCalibur $15.00;
BD FACSCantoII  $30.00;
BD LSRII $35.00;
BD LSR Fortessa $30.00

SeaHorse $35.31. A discount is applied to DRC members.​

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