Compliance Trainings for Researchers

This page contains a helpful table with information on trainings WashU researchers must complete to meet a variety of compliance requirements.

Core Research Facilities

Search for Core Facilities to help researchers with services, expertise, or equipment.

Disclosing International Relationships and Activities

Researchers are obligated to report on international research and scholarly activities. This site provides information around the government’s concerns, best practices, FAQs, and resources for reporting and disclosing international relationships.

Fellowship Writing Workshops

The Fellowship Writing Workshops are designed to assist eligible Washington University undergraduate and  graduate students with their written proposals through step-by-step guidance, and a series of online lectures and mentored sessions.

NSIN: National Security Innovation Network at WashU

NSIN has partnered with WashU to amplify the collaboration between the government and the private sector and redefine the National Security Innovation Base.

Participate in Research Studies at WashU

Find information on what it means to be a research study participant, and how to volunteer for a study at WashU.

Researcher Forum

This event provides faculty with information on the wealth of tools and resources available to them at WashU, and networking opportunities with potential collaborators across campus.

STAR Program

The Specialized Training for Administrators of Research (STAR) Program provides training to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career within research administration.