Lab and Campus Safety

As vaccines are rolled out it is especially important to stay the course and continue our public health practices: universal masking, physical distancing, keeping our density low, hand hygiene, and daily screening before coming to campus. Our public health experts, as well as the state, county and city, will determine when we can relax our public health requirements. Please use, post, and share these WashU campus and lab safety reminders to continue promoting safe practices.

Stay the Course

WashU School of Medicine provides an informative video featuring Steven Lawrence, MD, with the Division of Infectious Diseases. He explains why those vaccinated against COVID-19 should still follow public health precautions, citing the high rate of community transmission.

Report a Concern on Campus

To report concerns or observations of unsafe conditions or practices on campus, first contact your Supervisor, Division Chief, Department Head, or Associate/Vice Dean for Research. If you still have concerns, complete this form.

Contact Johnnie Cartwright, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Chief of Staff ( with additional questions and concerns not covered on this site.

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