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Research Ramp Up Guidelines

See each area’s page for guidelines, resources, and descriptions of these statuses.

Lab Research – School of Medicine (Yellow)
Lab Research – Danforth (Orange)
Clinical Research (Orange)
Non-Clinical Human Subjects Research (Red)
Global Research (Red) More information coming soon
Office-based Research (Red)

Return to Campus

Please take the Return to Campus Guidelines training in Learn@Work. If you have already registered or completed this training, use this link.

All employees must complete the online self-screening before coming to campus. Individuals should not come to campus if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Employees on the School of Medicine campus must also stop at a check in station before going to work.

Key Communications from the Vice Chancellor for Research

Report a Concern on Campus

To report concerns or observations of unsafe conditions or practices on campus, first contact your Supervisor, Division Chief, Department Head, or Associate/Vice Dean for Research. If you still have concerns, complete this form.

Contact Johnnie Cartwright, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research & Chief of Staff ( with additional questions and concerns not covered on this site.

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