A competitive funding environment often requires researchers to be creative in their search for support for their projects. A number of sources that identify and manage new funding opportunities are available to aid Washington University researchers.

For the most complete funding coverage, researchers are encouraged to sign up for customized funding alerts and periodically review all funding resources:

Identify Funding
Federal Funding
Internal Awards/Seed Funding
Internal Selections (Limited Submissions)

Private Funding

Customized Funding Alerts in Three Steps

Researchers are encouraged to make the most of their email accounts by signing up for alert services that may be customized based upon their research interests.
Start receiving emailed opportunities today:

Step 1: Create customized search notifications in SPIN
SPIN allows you to create and save customized funding searches. These searches can be set to run automatically and with new matches sent to in a daily or weekly email alert. Find out how here.

Step 2: Opt-in to Federal Listservs
The most popular federal agency listservs are the Weekly NIH Guide and NSF Custom News.
* Looking for additional agencies? Find more links on the Federal Funding page.

Step 3: Join Research News
The Research News listserv is designed to disseminate important research-related information and funding opportunities. Sign up today.