Research – the process of creating new knowledge, is central to Washington University’s mission. The Office of the Vice Chancellor​ for Research exists to promote and support Washington University researchers as they seek funding sponsors, conduct world-class research, and share their research results through publication and commercialization for the use and benefit of the public.

The Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) is the University’s senior research official, and an Officer of the University. The VCR is responsible for University-wide research operations and support infrastructure, including research administration systems, research ethics, education and compliance; and serves as a resource for institutional strategic research planning and development. The VCR promotes the development and implementation of high-quality research initiatives, encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in research, and supports the translation of discoveries into knowledge and technologies that will benefit society. The VCR also promotes the responsible and ethical conduct of research, and a culture of responsibility, ethics and compliance among faculty, students, and staff involved in research and related activities. The VCR is the Institutional Official with primary responsibility for oversight of the University’s human research protection program and the animal research program. The VCR also oversees all research integrity, ethics, compliance and faculty conflict of interest activities, and assures that the University is a vigilant steward of external awards. The Office of the VCR provides University-wide infrastructure to support these efforts. Major operating units are Research Administration (including the Offices of Sponsored Research Services, Research Ethics and Compliance, Research Education and Information, and Human Research Quality Assurance); the Division of Comparative Medicine and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Mark Lowe, MD, PhD, was appointed Vice Chancellor for Research in July 2023.

Mark Lowe, MD, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research
Senior Associate Dean for Research, School of Medicine
Harvey R. Colten Professor of Pediatric Science

Washington University in St. Louis
660 South Euclid Avenue
Campus Box 8106
Saint Louis, MO  63110

Executive Assistant
Jessica Green
Phone 314.747.0515
Fax 314.367.6666