Jeneane Braden

Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics

COI, Stem Cells, Research Integrity and Authorship

Catherine Determan

Funding Resource Coordinator

Internal Selections, Funding, Core Facilities

Alan Fellers

Manager, Research Conflicts of Interest (COI)

Gerri Fisher

Senior Research Compliance Specialist

ESCRO, Research Integrity and Authorship

Blake Fuhler

Director, Research Education & Information; Director, Research Analytics

Joseph M. Gindhart

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Sponsored Projects

Office of Sponsored Research Services (OSRS) -- Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Sponsored Projects

Erin Heckler

Director of Postdoctoral Affairs

Martha Jones

Executive Director, Human Research Protection Office (HRPO)


Jenny Kunza

Institutional Conflict of Interest Compliance Manager

Laura Langton

Export Control Manager

Export Controls

Jennifer Lodge

Vice Chancellor for Research

Teri Medley

Director, Grants

Meredith Moore

Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Sonia Moore

Manager, Grants

Andrea Morris

Manager, Human Research Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (HRQA/QI)

Connie Motoki

Manager, Grants

Iris Peper

Manager, Research Administration Training Program

STAR Program Manager, Research Administrator Training

Melanie Roewe

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Development & Contracts

Nirah Shomer

Associate Vice Chancellor for Veterinary Affairs, Director, Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM)

Carrie Slama

Manager, Cost Analysis

Recharge Centers

Gretchen Vaughn

Manager, Clinical Trial Agreements

Dyanna Vitale

Manager, Grants

Megan White

Director, Research Contracts