Lab Animal Management & Protocol System (LAMPS) Project

Oversees the implementation of the LAMPS eProtocol and eAnimal Ordering modules

This page provides project-related updates to the implementation of LAMPS’s second module: eAnimal Ordering. See the LAMPS landing page to login to LAMPS.

eAnimal Ordering Module – (LARS Phase 2)

Animal procurement will transition to LAMPS in July 2021 in sync with the go-live of the university’s new HR and finance system, Workday.

  • A second module of LAMPS will be released in July: eAnimal Ordering.
  • Lab members will be responsible for submitting animal requisition (order) directly in LAMPS via eAnimal Ordering.
  • All personnel with edit access in eProtocol can submit an animal requisition for that protocol. Submitting a requisition is available to all personnel with edit access to the protocol.
  • The completed requisition will be sent to the DCM Business Office for review and approval. It is then sent to Workday to be assigned a funding source by department staff.
  • eAnimal Ordering provides real-time access to remaining animal balances.

Steps to Take Now

Verify Access

  • Evaluate which lab members will be responsible for submitting animal requisitions for your protocol(s).
  • Check if those individuals are already in a role with edit access in eProtocol (PI, Co-PI, Primary Protocol Contact, Staff Personnel – Read & Write). If so, they will automatically be able to order animals in July.
  • If they are not, submit an amendment to move them into a role with edit access.

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LARS Phase Overview

The Lab Animal Resource Software (LARS) project oversees the release the second module of LAMPS: eAnimal Ordering. LARS consists of three phases:

Phase 1 (Complete) – DCM transitions to eAnimal Ordering May 1, 2020

  • Barcoded cage cards placed in facilities
  • New split/wean log
  • DCM Procurement re-enters Marketplace orders in LAMPS

Phase 2 – Researchers transition to eAnimal Ordering Workday Go-Live (July 2021)

  • In Phase 2, animal procurement is initiated in LAMPS.
  • The new Workday system is a separate university effort to replace the current systems used for Human Resources, Finance, and Student Administration ( AIS, FIS, HRMS, etc…). Workday is unable to accommodate animal procurement.
  • Animal ordering will transition to LAMPS in sync with the sunsetting of Marketplace in AIS. Animal procurement will follow university-wide procurement timelines and freezes.

Phase 3 – Electronic census tracking Timeline TBD

  • Electronic census will streamline manual processes including transfer requests. Electronic census will be implemented building-by-building over the course of several months. The timeline for Phase 3 is under development.


eProtocol Module

The eProtocol module of LAMPS went live on July 29, 2019. It replaced eSirius as the system in which to submit, review, and approve animal use protocols and amendments. Visit the LAMPS Website to login, access resources, and read frequently asked questions.

Questions? or 314-362-3229.

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