Deactivating Cage Cards

Currently in our manual processing, we do not have a systematic way of deactivating barcoded cage cards that are no longer in use, which impacts our ability to provide efficient cage-level transparency and reporting capabilities. To fully realize the benefits of increased cage level transparency, and to ensure the integrity of the data within the LAMPS system, we need to change the way in which inactive and discarded barcoded cage cards are deactivated within the LAMPS system.

Beginning January 29, 2024, any cages that are no longer in use, the DCM barcoded cage cards will need to be deactivated following the new deactivation process.   All PI labs are required to remove the cage card from the animal holding room and discard any inactive barcoded cage cards into the deactivation receptacles within your respective facilities.

Deactivation Process: PI labs drops barcoded cage card to be de-activated into the designated receptacle.  The DCM data analyst picks up the deactivated cage cards M-F from the designated receptacle locations and processes all deactivations using the prior business day.

  • Deactivated barcoded cage cards placed in the deactivation receptacle before 2pm on Friday will be deactivated using Friday’s date
  • Deactivated barcoded cage cards submitted after 2pm on Friday (including weekend deactivations) will be deactivated using the following Monday’s deactivation date, consistent with our current process.

When will manual census tracking and billing processes be discontinued?

Manual census tracking and billing processes will continue until DCM and the business office are satisfied with the new RFID census and automated LARS billing processes. We do not anticipate any major changes/impacts to your current billing practices as you will be billed from the current manual billing process. We will notify all labs when they will begin using the new automated LARS billing processes.  In preparation for the new automated LARS billing processes, and to ensure completeness and accuracy of the LAMPS cage management system we need all labs to routinely submit their inactive cage cards for deactivation.

What if I finish with a cage over the weekend?

Cage cards turned in after Friday afternoon or over the weekend will be deactivated on the following Monday. This process has not changed. In the past, any cages removed during the weekend had billing stopped on Monday. Deactivated barcoded cage cards submitted after 2pm on Friday (including weekend deactivations)will be deactivated using the following Monday’s deactivation date consistent with our current process.

What if I do not turn in the card?

That cage card will still be active in the system and will follow current charging and billing processes.

Do I need to submit inactive deactivated cage cards before the January 29, 2024, rollout date?

No, the new deactivation process started January 29, 2024. Any inactive barcode cage cards prior to this date do not need to be put in the deactivation receptacles.

Will I get the cage card back?

No. Turned in cage cards will not be returned. If you need information on the card, copy it to another source before turning in the card. However, if your lab needs to keep the bottom portion of the barcoded cage card, you can tear off the top perforated strip and deposit that into the deactivation receptacle.

Where are the deactivation collection boxes located?

There is at least one box in every facility, usually located in a central hallway near the housing rooms. A complete list of deactivation receptacle locations is available in Box.