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LAMPS: Lab Animal Management & Protocol System

The first time you enter LAMPS, you must enable pop-ups! Call the IT Help Desk at 314-935-5707 or see this guidance document.

Submit feedback on the new system by completing the LAMPS eProtocol Satisfaction Survey.

Need Assistance?

For technical help (WUSTL Keys, Pop-ups, etc…)

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Supported Browsers

LAMPS supports the most current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

Training & Resources

Browse all LAMPS training resources in the LAMPS Training Box folder.

Data Migration & Translation

See the Data Migration and Translation page for information on how protocols were migrated from eSirius into LAMPS and how to complete translation.

Animal Balances & Ordering

To determine how many animals you have left to order, email the DCM Business office.

The ordering and billing processes have not changed.

Approval Letters

The process of getting your approval letter varies based on the migration status of your protocol in LAMPS

  • Converted records (protocols migrated from eSirius)
    • Converted records do not automatically have completed approval letters within LAMPS.
    • To create a completed system-generated approval letter, you must including funding sources on the funding page of the protocol by completing one of the following amendments.
      1. If you do not have any non-funding changes to make, submit an amendment in LAMPS to add funding sources. Once approved, the approval letter is available on the Event History page in the protocol.
      2. If you have protocol changes only in the following areas: personnel changes, use location additions, or euthanasia additions, make those edits and add your funding sources to the Funding page. These changes do not require your protocol to be translated.
      3. If you have changes not listed above, your protocol must be translated to see the completed system-generated approval letter. Alternatively, email IACUC to receive a copy of your last approval letter.
  • New protocols created and approved in LAMPS
    • The approval letter can be downloaded from the Event History page in the protocol.
  • Protocols with pending amendments in eSirius on July 12
    • Once the amendment is approved, you will receive the approval letter via email.

Weekly Maintenance

LAMPS has standard maintenance windows during which the system may be inaccessible or displaying atypical behavior. When possible, avoid accessing LAMPS during these times.

Sundays 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. (Central)
Mondays 1:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. (Central)
If time-sensitive maintenance is needed outside of these windows, it will be performed from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. as needed.


How do I start an amendment? 

See the Start an Amendment section of the LAMPS User Manual for guidance.

Amendments are now necessary for granting non-PI personnel edit access to the converted record, editing the personnel on the protocol, and adding funding.

Other amendments may require a protocol to be translated. See the Data Migration & Translation page for more information. 

What do I do if I have an amendment that requires translation but I can’t get my protocol translated in time?

Contact the IACUC Office at 314-362-3229 or

How do I give someone access to edit my protocol?

The PI must start an amendment to grant editing access to a protocol. See this quick guide or the Personnel Information section of the LAMPS User Manual​.

How should I format my protocol number when ordering animals?

Omit the dash from your LAMPS protocol ID and add two zeros at the end. For example, the ID 19-1234 becomes 19123400.

How do I change someone’s pre-filled information in the Personnel section (e.g. Title, Department, etc…)

This information is pulled directly from HRMS. To update this in LAMPS, it must first be updated in HRMS. After that change is complete, the individual must be deleted and re-added to the protocol. This triggers a new pull from HRMS, but does require the questions to be re-answered in LAMPS.

Tip: Before deleting, copy and paste the answer to the training summary statement into another application such as Word. When the individual is re-added, you can copy and paste this information back into LAMPS.

Do I have to do anything with my converted record in LAMPS?

If you do not need to change personnel access or request changes to your approved protocol, you do not have to do anything at this time. You can continue all approved work according to your converted record’s PDF attachment of the eSirius protocol. 

If you do not need to submit an amendment or renew your protocol, translation is not required. However, the IACUC Office’s goal is to have all protocols translated within one year. 

eProtocol Implementation Information & LAMPS Census Management Module

The LAMPS Project Page contains transition-related information for the eProtocol module such as the announcement archive and data migration details.

The Lab Animal Resource Management System (LARS) module of LAMPS will go-live in 2020. View the LAMPS Project Page for more information.