Research Development Office (RDO)

The Research Development Office guides faculty in the pursuit of research funding, the formation of cross-disciplinary science teams, and the development of collaborative research center proposals.

Our goal is to catalyze collaboration, improve funding success, and grow the research enterprise.

Nicole Moore

Senior Director of Research Development

  • Phone: 314-935-6581
  • Email:
  • Office: Research Development Office (RDO)

Melanie Roewe

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Development & Contracts

Research Development Office Staff

Melanie Roewe
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Development & Contracts

Nicole Moore
Senior Director of Research Development

Catherine Determan
Program Manager, Internal Selections

Charlotte Forstall
Program Manager, Here & Next Research Grants

Susannah Acuff Imhoff
Senior Research Development Associate

Mike Marcinkowski
Research Development Associate

Monique Mullen
Administrative Coordinator 

Kathryn Parsley
Research Development Associate

Summer Young
Senior Research Development Associate

Our Services

Finding Funding Opportunities

Want to learn more about the federal funding landscape, how to diversify your funding portfolio, where to find funding, or how to connect with the right program official? We can help.  Check out available tools for finding funding, federal agency information, or schedule a meeting with us to discuss your research.

Proposal Management Services

The Washington University Research Development Office is happy to offer advice for any proposal and answer questions about any opportunity. For large or complex proposals that bridge disciplines or those of strategic importance to Washington University we provide additional proposal management services. Using best practices we work with PI teams to plan and produce a highly competitive proposal.

Idea and Team Development

Do you need assistance finding collaborators, facilitating team brainstorming, or developing white papers? Please check out available networking tools, seed funding, or contact us to develop a research networking group.

Resources for Developing Highly Competitive Proposals

Writing a winning proposal is a strategic process that requires thorough research, planning, partnerships, and execution.   Explore Washington University’s resources for grant writing, broader impacts, and federal funding to help you along each step of the process.

Internal Selections

Internal selections at Washington University in St. Louis are managed by the Research Development Office to determine which faculty member from the university can submit an application for limited submission funding opportunities. Learn more.