Institutional Conflict of Interest Committee

Evaluates potential institutional conflicts of interest (ICOIs) related to research to help assure compliance with the university's ICOI policy

Committee Members

Jeremiah Morrissey, PhD – Chair
School of Medicine, Anesthesiology, Division of Clinical and Translational Research

Jeffrey Atkinson, MD – Vice-Chair
School of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Shantanu Chakrabartty, PhD
School of Engineering, Electrical and Systems Engineering

David Clifford, MD
School of Medicine, Neurology

Victor Davila-Roman, MD
School of Medicine, Cardiology

Patricia Hagan, PhD
T-REX/Technology Entrepreneur Center

Greg Hewett, JD
GH Consulting, LLC

Rachel Roberts, PhD

Luis Sanchez, MD

Xiang Tang, PhD

Ex-Officio Members

Patricia Hastings
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Associate General Counsel (Legal Counsel to the ICOI)

Kathy Gaytan
Director of Internal Audit

Jeneane Braden
Asst. Vice Chancellor for Research Integrity & Ethics

Committee Staff

Alan Fellers Director, COI Program

Kate McNulty Manager, Research Compliance

Last Updated 5/9/2024